What should I do on collection day?

Street Service:

 Place your curbside container on the street directly in front of your curb. If you live in a cul-de-sac place the cans on the edge of the sidewalk. Please follow the directions located on the top of the lid of the curbside container. It is very important that the arrows on top of the lid point towards the street.

Allow 36 inch clearance between cans, and 5 feet between other obstructions such as cars, power poles and fire hydrants. Please take extra care not to block access to your mailbox.

Placing trash into trash bags inside the container would be very considerate, especially during windy conditions. Please do not secure the lid with bungee cords, rocks, bricks, etc. On extra trash days, please place the extra trash a minimum of 5 feet away from the curbside container. Please do not stack extra trash on top of the lid.

Alley Service:

 If you have alley service, the container should be located on the designated side of the alley. The semi-automated method of trash collection will be used in the alleys, with refuse being loaded on the rear of the trash truck.

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