Street Maintenance Services

Street Sealing

The Town Board has taken a proactive approach to street maintenance in order to lengthen the useful life of our streets. Each year, Minden evaluates its residential roadways to determine the best preventative maintenance or rehabilitation method to extend the life of the Town’s roads and improve those that have reached the end of their useful life. By undertaking a program of planned pavement maintenance, considerable savings in rehabilitation costs may be achieved. Each street in Minden is taken care of every four years on a rotating schedule that addresses and repairs one section of Town at a time. In this way, all Minden streets are kept up to a very high standard which promotes safety and comfort to those driving around Town.

Street Sweeping

Removal of debris not only reduces wear, it also helps to reduce the need to clean storm drain inlets and pipes. With this goal in mind, the Town has adopted a policy where all Town streets will be swept a minimum of once a month, weather permitting, and more frequently if conditions require.

During the fall, streets located in areas with a great number of deciduous trees will be swept on a weekly basis until after all of the leaves have fallen. The Town recognizes that not all entities with streets running through Minden have the capability to sweep their streets as frequently as the Town does theirs. With this knowledge, the Town Board authorizes the sweeping of these roads on an as-needed basis to maintain a standard which is consistent throughout the town. Additionally, the Town authorizes the sweeping of private streets associated with Town subdivisions on a quarterly basis, at no charge to the applicable community association.

Sweeping Schedule

Though the Town does not post No Parking signs, if you would like the curb in front of your house to be swept, please keep vehicles off of the street on the Friday morning of the week your neighborhood is scheduled for street sweeping.

  • 1st Week of the Month — Old Town / County Road
  • 2nd Week of the Month — Mackland / Westwood / La Costa Subdivisions, including Monte Vista Avenue
  • 3rd Week of the Month — Old Town / Wildrose Area / Buckeye Road and 8th Street east of Highway 395
  • 4th Week of the Month — Ironwood Drive / Winhaven Subdivision / Monterra Subdivision
  • 5th Week of the Month — Extra sweeping of areas that may require additional sweeping