Sidewalk Repair Services

Property owners are responsible for maintaining sidewalks that abut their property. General maintenance includes sweeping, weed removal, removing snow and ice, and maintenance of grass, shrubs, or trees that encroach on the sidewalk. For a list of recommended trees that can be planted without roots damaging or lifting sidewalks, please call the Town office or view Landscape Tree Species List (PDF).

Sidewalk Replacement Cost-Share Program

The Town of Minden promotes a safe and walkable community. In an effort to facilitate this objective, the Town actively promotes the replacement of damaged sidewalks and encourages its residents to repair any damaged sidewalk that abuts their property. The Town understands that replacing and repairing sidewalk is costly. To help with this burden, the Minden Town Board has put in place a financial assistance subsidy to help defer the cost of replacing damaged sidewalks.

The Town ordinance — Douglas County Code section 18.04.169 — provides for financial assistance from the Town for sidewalk repair. Financial assistance in the form of a 50/50 cost share is available on a first-come first-served basis and is limited to available current-year funding that has been designated for the sidewalk repair cost-share program. Replacement cost will be based on our engineer’s estimate for sidewalk replacement.


  • You are a town residential lot owner who desires to replace existing sidewalk that abuts your property.
  • The existing sidewalk is in need of repair as determined by the Town upon recommendation by the lot owner.
  • It appears to the Town Board that the sidewalk was not originally constructed pursuant to the standards that exceed the general standards in Douglas County for sidewalks.

Selection Process

To participate in this program, you must first complete and file an application. Applications will be accepted any time during the year, however, all applications received less than 30 days prior to the Town awarding the annual contract for sidewalk reconstruction will not be eligible for the current year’s project, but may qualify for the following year’s project. Applications are available online or at the Town office located at 1604 Esmeralda Avenue Suite 101 in downtown Minden.

A Town representative will contact you and determine if you qualify for this program. If determination of the sidewalk condition cannot be made because of snow or ice accumulation, the Town reserves the right to take additional time to arrive at a decision.

If Application is Accepted

If a favorable determination is made, you will be given a contract to sign which will include your estimated cost and the amount of sidewalk to be replaced, as well as a deposit to the Town in the amount of 50% of the estimated cost. Estimated cost is based on the engineer’s estimate and the actual cost may vary.

If the actual cost exceeds the estimated cost, you may withdraw your application and your deposit will be returned to you. Any differences between the estimated cost and the actual cost will be adjusted prior to final payment. The deposit guarantees your place as a recipient of 50% funding for the project. Remember, this is a first-come first-serve program.

For questions, contact the Town of Minden Public Works Department.