Our Mission

The Town of Minden was formed from the vision of D.H. Dangberg back in 1905, and we still actively work to maintain that vision of a safe and prosperous community for all our residents, businesses, and visitors - now and for generations to come.

Mission Statement

The Town of Minden is and will remain, within the limitations of its operating revenues, a municipality whose guiding principle is excellence. The Town prides itself on:
  1. Maintaining a state of the art water system; properly designed and regularly maintained streets.
  2. Professionally monitored drainage in all areas of new development.
  3. Refuse disposal utilizing technologically advanced receptacles and trash disposal trucks.
  4. Adequate street lighting taking into consideration the sensitivities of residents to brightness of night-lighted areas.
  5. The only non-school public facility in Douglas County capable of presenting a full theatrical production.
  6. The best parks and recreational facilities in the County, encouraging regular use.
  7. A quaint picturesque, historical business district; extremely friendly merchants.
  8. An unusually effective, continuing dialogue between business and development interests, on the one hand, and agricultural interests on the other.
  9. A remarkable wetlands area containing several migratory and indigenous bird rookeries.
  10. The most committed diligent, educated, helpful Town staff in the State where customer service is a top priority.