Our Values

We Value Trust

We are committed to uncompromised honesty and integrity in all our actions.
We believe our actions should be reliable, dependable and consistent.
We want teamwork and a spirit of cooperative effort.
We strive for a record of honesty, fairness and approachability.

We Value Quality

We strive for excellence, professionalism, and pride in everything we do.
We believe in providing the best quality of service and facilities.
We expect quality from employees, vendors and contractors.

We Value Innovation
We have a bias for action and support reasonable risk-taking.
We strive to recognize and take advantage of any opportunity that arises.
We encourage fiscal innovation that creates new revenue sources.
We accept that innovators have their share of failures.

We Value the Worth of the Individual

We respect individuals and are sensitive to their needs.
We are committed to the fair treatment of people.
We seek ideas and participation from all levels.
We encourage individual initiative and acceptance of responsibility.

We Value Effective Service

We believe in timely, efficient and effective public service.
We set trends and provide leadership in municipal services.
We conduct sound and prudent financial operations.
We take pride in conserving public resources.
We place a high value on cooperation with other public and private entities but will not sacrifice the best interest of the citizens of Minden.

We Value Future Orientation

We want to make decisions that will endure the test of time.
We will foster economic success in the private sector and develop new resources in the public sector.
We will promote the Town financial security and independence.
We strive for economic development, employment, housing diversification, cultural and leisure opportunities.
We want to build a place in which you would like to live.