One Man's Vision

Sample from the Brochure

"From its inception in 1906, the Town of Minden has been a desirable place to raise a family and build a business…

…The residents and businesses of Minden felt they needed to complement the county’s master plan with specific direction for growth in their town.

'We want a neighborhood community you can walk, with businesses close to the core. As the town grows, consideration must be given for residential neighborhood business spaces, with businesses that cater to the buying habits of our residents.'
— Bob Hadfield, Town of Minden Board Member

'The Dangberg Company built the town. They constructed the streets, sold the lots, developed the water and sewer system, were responsible for many of the commercial buildings being established and later created the Minden Improvement Company to oversee the development of the town.'
— Wynne M. Maule, Minden, Nevada: The Story of a Unique Town
Wynne Maule (1925-2006) was a noted local historian and author.

'A more ideal spot for a town cannot be imagined. Located on high ground with a natural drainage in every direction, it is a beautiful townsite... There is not a shack or cheap building in the entire place and those in charge are trying to keep it that way.'"
— The Record-Courier Special Edition, 1909